About Us

ONGC Workers’ Union, Tripura Asset established in the year 1971 in our temporary project office at Indranagar, Agartala. At that time total union membership was around 50 nos. and all the members transferred from Assam & Bihar. Tripura Project established at Indranagar (Rana Saheb’s bunglow) on 4.6.1970 and drilling started on 18/7/72 at Baramura with 3D-21 old Russian Rig and established gas reservoir during 1975 in this very first well of BRM# 1.

The founder General Secretary was Sri Pankaj Choudhury (finance man) and the President was Sri Ajoy Biswas Ex- MP (LS). Sri Pankaj Choudhury relinquished the chair of GS during 1971 due to his personal problem and Sri Parimal Kumar Aich ( Aich da) elected as General Secretary of ONGC Workers’ Union. The first major movement of our union was begin under his leadership. Sri P.K.Aich has taken a very good initiative to send the dead body of one Assameese colleague Late Manoj Paul ( Auto Technician) who died at Agartala in a road accident inside office. Our Union gheraoed the project Manager Sri R.P Sharma for about 8 hrs. for making necessary arrangements to send the body officially to Sivsagar and finally we succeeded. The 2nd movement was for local recruitment in Tripura Project and setting up of permanent office complex at Agartala during 1972. Earlier employees from Assam & Bihar have been transferred to Tripura project temporarily under punishment and our project office was hired in different area including Jungle of Baramura, Kuamri tilla, 79 tilla, Banamali pur and Milan Chakra. Due to series of agitational programme by our union ONGC management decided for local recruitment and permanent office complex at Badharghat. During 1972 last part the first local recruitment was carried out and foundation stone of present Badharghat Asset office complex laid down. This Asset office complex inaugurated during April- May 1975 by the Director Personal Mr. T.N.Shesan (ex election commissioner). He then visited all around of the office & colony campus. Our union fought for Central school, guest house and expansion of colony, Post Office, shift bus and acquisition for land in Siddhi Ashram & Panchmukh during 1975-1980. ONGC Management has recognized our Union during 1975 and our administrative control also shifted from ERBC to CRBC. Being a recognized Union of ONGC our Union playing a vital role under the leadership of Sri Ajoy Biswas Ex- MP (LS) , Sri P.K.Aich, Sri C.R Das, Sri Kiran Sankar Chakraborty, Sri Sukomal Das, Sri S.C Thambi, Sri K.C Paul and many more seniors and the present leaders too to formalize different rules and regulations for the existing employees & separated employees including their depandants. Each & every present & past union members as well as the management representatives and general public may also recognized and appreciated the endeavor of ONGC Workers’ Union till now.

The 12th Biennial Conference of our Union organized on 1st & 2nd October 1994 and Sri Tusar Datta Majumdar elected as General Secretary as Sri Aich relinquished the chair of GS due to his promotion as AE (Auto) and Sri Swadesh Dev Roye elected as President of the Union. The 14th Biennial Conference of our Union organized on 1st & 2nd October 2000 and elected Sri Khagen Das MP (LS) as president of the union and Tusar Datta Majumdar as General Secretary for consecutive 3rd term. 16th general conference was held on 7th & 8th February 2015 and Swadesh Dev Roye & Tusar Datta Majumdar again elected as President & General Secretary of the union.

Before 1997, in our Asset, union membership verification was carried out secretly though we opposed. Our union derecognised for the period w.e.f 1992 to 1997 forcefully through this faulty system in collaboration with labor commissioner office & INTUC criminals. During 1997 we strongly advocated for Secret ballot membership verification to our ONGC Management and Central Labor Ministry. The INTUC union approached to hon’ble Guwahati High Court for allowing secret balott verification but hon’ble High Court dismissed their petition. Ultimately on 22/9/1997 Secret ballot membership verification was carried out in our Asset and our union elected for recognition by securing 375 votes (60%) out of 625 counted votes. INTUC secured 37% votes. The 2nd secret ballot verification was carried out on 8/9/2000 and again our Union elected for recognition by casting 340 votes (63%) out of 544 voters. During last secret ballot verification on 26/06/2008 ONGC workers’ Union secured 257 votes ( 68 %) out of 375 counted votes. Our ONGC Workers’ Union enjoying the recognition for last 35 yrs. At present our Union membership are around 280 nos. out of around 335 unionize categories of employees including FO as on January 2015. Our Union is the pioneer in ONGC for secret ballot membership verification. Since 2011 our union once again approaching for secret ballot as our term for 3 years expired during September 2011 but INTUC union repeatedly stalemate the process with a plea that Field Operators are Contractual worker and they have no right to cast their votes. As per Central labor Machinery 1980 guide line those who are borne by the pay roll of the organization their name must be enrolled in voter list and our union stand for it. INTUC approached to the hon’ble High Court of Tripura but their application regretted by the hon’ble court and till now INTUC not turned up for secret ballot verification.

Our Union played a vital role at the time of serious crisis arising out in Tripura Asset like Blow outs, brutal killings of our employees by the terrorist and kidnapping also. In 1991 during Tichna well blow out, our union systematically placed our committee members as well as general members for smooth materials transportation and evacuation of man and materials for site and nearby area. During 2012, RO#9 blow out everybody recognized our union activities towards control over the situations. The than Chairman and Directors’ appreciated our union approach in 1991 & 2012. Our union leadership also engage themselves for recovering the body of Late Justine Lucky EX-AEE (D) and Late S.K.Srivastava Ex-JT (P) while they have been brutally killed by the insurgent group of Tripura during 1991 and 1993 respectively. We regularized several state administrative formalities at that time for sending their body to Dehradun & Haridwar, their native. We did a lot for a suitable ONGC service to the wife of late S.K.Srivastava and now she is serving in ONGC Dehradun. We introduce yearly Lucky – Srivastava memorial football tournament at Agartala to commemorate to our two colleagues. Our Union leadership engages them to rescue Sri Kanti lal Saha CM (P), Sri Premsagar DY.SE (E) and Late K.G.Sinha who have been kidnapped while on duty by terrorist groups during 1994 and 1995 respectively at Baramura and Agartala Dome area. We always shouted against terrorist groups and morally boosted our employees against terrorist activities and ultimately succeeded to perform our drilling & Production operation in an around terrorist prone areas of Tripura during those black days.

Our Union’s main objective is to make Tripura Asset a profitable one. Our union organized several street corners, press meets, met State Chief Minister and other Ministers, Central Ministers and other various dignitaries for setting up of any gas based industries in Tripura. Our first success was Ramchandranagar 84 MW NEEPCO power plant during 1995, 2nd success was NEEPCO Monerchawk 104 MW power plant though it was sanctioned for 500 MW capacity and third one is OTPC 726 MW mega power plant during 2004. Our earlier State Power Minister Sri Badal Chowdhury, Ex- CMD late Subir Raha, Ex-Asset Manager Sri Khark Singh, Sri M. D Joshi, Sri Biplab Guha , Ex- Surface Manager Sri P.K Ghosh and over all Sri A.K Hazarika ex- Direcotor & CMD knows it very well. Now our target is gas based Fertilizer plant in near future.

Our Union always tries to educate the fellow employees about their right and guide to know the official rules and regulations, also safety, health and environment procedures. In this regard our Union published, “Employees guide Book” in the year 2001 before ongcreports.net which is helping till now. Our Union members’ are always dedicated towards work and we love to do work with challenges in respect of given target. Our Union always believes in UNITY & INTEGRITY and devoted to down troden.