December 26, 2017

Applaudable Performance of Surface Team, Tripura Asset

Applaudable performance of Surface Team, Tripura Asset, on SRP commissioning in Gas well of RO#18(Rukhia field)


          ONGC Workers’ Union team lead by Tusar Datta Majumder, General Secretary along with Union Office bearersvisitedRokhia#18 producing well on 15/12/2017. In this well the first SRP (Sucker Rod Pump) unit of Tripura Asset was formally commissioned on 22 Sept, 2017 to enhance the gas production.SRP in gas well may be the 1st instance of any producing gas well under ONGC except CBM. The well RO#18 was drilled on 3rd Sep 1990 & production started on 19th Dec 1990 with 8 mm bean@ 55000 SCMD. After continuous liquid production from the producing zone, well was taken for workover in December 2004 in paysand perforatedinterval. Afterreperforation in the well RO#18 gas production was @ 37000 SCMD along with 5 m3/day of liquid. The well again recompleted on May 2016 in the anotherpay sand perforation intervalwith 8 mm bean with gas rate @25000 m3/day. Again  perforated in top part of the pay zone in May 2016, the well RO#18 initially flown @ 45000 m3/day but had subsequently decline to 15000 SCMD by June 2017. It was envisaged that water column restrict the producing formation to flow the gas. In order to arrest declination of gas production from Tripura Asset, a meeting was held between Surface Team, SST, IOGPT team as advised by the earlier Surface Manager and now Consultant for Tripura Gas field. The authorities decided to set plunger pump in different well to knock out the water from well but in 1st instance the operation failed due to different PPF tubing in the well.From the failure it emerged that RO#18 was suitable well for augmentation of production by installation of plunger pump with SRP unit for de-liquefaction. The suggestion of SRP Installation was agreed by Team IOGPT, where ED-Artificial lift MR. Manchalwar & V.V.R.V Prasad DGM (P) recommended for SRP Installation. But if we look back in the past history Mr Samar Nath GM (P), Ex- Surface Manager and now Consultant also suggested to Asset management for installation of SRP for de-liquefaction to enhance gas production. After collection & analysis of all data, IOGPT team advised to complete well RO#18 on SRP with additional perforation. IT was also decided to produce well from both sands .IOGPT team carried out complete design of SRP system including sub-surface pump & Surface Unit. After searching of one SRP unit ultimately found in Ahmedabad Asset with discarded condition and Sub-surface pumps, suckerrod, polish rod & other downhole accessories from Assam Asset received on 5th June 2017, although all the material was already useable in the both Asset and discarded now. Team Surface, Tripura Asset in guidance of Shyamal Bose DGM(P) Area Surface Manager of Rukhia field also make all out efforts for installation of SRP unit viz. foundation for SRP ,Electric Transformer for providing power ,fencing ,flow arm modification ,bunk house fabrication for security deployment  and also painted all the surface material to give it new shape. Installation of SRP unit was taken up on fast track in guidance of IOGPT, Assam Artificial lift team in associated with Team surface, Tripura Asset. Sub-surface assembly was installed on 10th Aug & successfully commissioned on 19th Aug 2017. Gas production was taken from 2 7/8” X 5 ½ “annulus and water knocking out through tubing and entire process for de-liquefaction done at Rokhia GCS through separator. After installation of the SRP unit it producing 35000 SCMD initiallyand presently it producing gas @ 45000 SCMD with 10 mm bean in a sustainable way for last 4 months, thus resulting in a gain of 30000 SCMD. The enhancement of production from Rokhia#18 due to SRP installation will go a long way to fulfil production against consumer demand deficiency in Tripura State. IMG-20171221-WA0001

          Installation Manager of Rokhia Md. Zaheer T. CE (P) welcomes team Union at well site & gave a brief about SRP operation and also run the SRP unit in front of Union leadership. General Secretary of ONGC Workers’ Union applauded the entire Rokhia Team for successfully commissioning of SRP and also encourages the efforts of GCS Crew members in spite of having inadequate knowledge about SRP operation; they have given their heart out insuccessfully running on a daily basis. It was indeed a commendable job done by team Rokhia GCS which will give some output in other water loaded wells of Rukhia, Agartala Dome and Baramura fields. Union leadership requested Asset Management to commission another at least 5-7 SRP in other field immediately to augment the gas production in present crisis period.

          Union Leadership also visited Installation-Rokhia and discussed with crew members in different issues related to process operation & welfare measures. Union leadership also assured for persuasion with corporate management for Republic Day award to the Rukhia crews and surface crews.

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  1. Abhijit Chakraborty December 27, 2017 at 2:35 pm Reply

    Well done team Rokhia and also Surface Management. In guidance of shri Sougata Sen, GM(P) and shri Shyamal Bose, DGM(P) Surface team has achieved the milestone of 1st ever successfully commissioning of SRP in Tripura Asset.

  2. Well done Surface management, all the crews of Team Rokhia, Union Leadership for successfully commissioning of SRP. Tripura Asset will definitely take a long stride through such initiatives to achieve its mission 5.0

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