April 23, 2017

CSR initiatives of ONGC Workers’ Union

    ONGC Workers’ Union distributed different sports materials and plastic buckets under “Swacchwa Bharat Mission” in 46 Schools, Mosquito nets and Blankets in and around of ONGC’s operational areas including Agartala Dome (Gabardi), Kunjaban (Usha Bazar), Baramura, Sonamura, Konaban, Rukhia, SundalBari ( Kakraban & Nalchar) and adjacent area of ONGC base office including Khubal area and one of the remotest village of Tripura namely Noona Charra of Atharamura hill. The sports materials, umbrella, school bags and exercise book , medicated mosquito Nets( 2000 Nos) and Blankets( 2130 Nos) have been provided under ONGC Tripura Asset’s CSR fund as per request of Union.


    Hon’ble Governor, Tripura ,  ED-Asset Manager , Senior officials of ONGC and other collectives like ASTO, AISCSTEWA, WDF along with Union leadership, installation crews handed over the sports materials as per need to the students of respective schools and Nets / Blankets as per requirement of Village Panchayat and endorsed by RIC of Rigs/ Installation Managers of GCS. It is very interesting that the Union leadership selected two Junior Basic schools of Baramura south namely Taiphung( kumphoong) and Lungphoong, which is situated around 20 KM far from our Baramura GCS and road completely covered with deep forests and high hills. Also Noona Charra, around 28 Km from Chakmaghat barrage of Teliamura and in deep forest under Atharmura hill. The following sports materials have been given as per suitability of the student numbers and category. Some photographs are available in CSR gallery.



     The students and the villagers proudly praised the ONGC endeavour wherever  ONGC Workers’ Union distributed the goods but it is regretted that the students had have little idea about ONGC and its operations though most of these schools have ONGC sponsored Toilets, boundary walls, Benches etc helps through ONGC Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR). The teachers are ready to get the CSR benefits from ONGC but less interest to enlighten about ONGC to the students. It is Pertinent to mention here that ONGC Tripura Asset spent around Rs. 3-5 cores towards CSR activities in Tripura in each and every year.


We the union members are delighted to share that our ED- Asset Manager Sri S C Sony has extended his deep interest to extend these benefits and visited Baramura, Noona Charra and Khubal area to hand over these materials to the needy villagers and schools. Our senior executives are also extended their whole hearted support and participated in most of the camps. We are also thankful to our senior executives and collectives friends for extending their kind presence whenever we requested them to participate on handing over program.


    In coming days also same initiatives from ONGC Workers’ Union will continue and suggestions / requests may kindly be endorsed considering areas remoteness and ONGC operational activities.

The sports materials are as follows:

Football, Cricket bat, Cricket stamp, Cricket Ball, Volley Ball with net, Carom Board Comp with coin, Chinese Chequer comp, Chess Board Comp, Luddo Comp, Badminton racket, Badminton net, Shuttle cock etc.

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