General Secretary Message

Web stands for “where everybody belongs”. it is a network, joining everyone all over the globe. The web constitutes of websites. website is the building works of the web. if we consider the web as book, then the website will be the pages covering different aspect. we search for a website and if found we opt for the desired page. this is the basic concept of a website.

ONGC workers’ union, ongc Tripura asset, agartala, india decided to launch a website namely to highlight it’s activities all over the world and communicate with others. in present context internet access is essential and that’s why the organization is extending help but our mind setup is to be upgraded.

By launching a website we the union wants to build a friendship with others, to spread our left ideology and to get suggestions/ information’s from you for our up gradation.

We the union benignly request you to advise us for our betterment as well as for the betterment of our operational activities in upstream oil industry (ongc) as to how we may achieve our organizational goal and succeed in our employees welfare goals.

Being a union activist and the general secretary of ongc workers’ union, i hope our website will attract every one of you and of coursei would like to request you all to put your valuable views in our feedback column to strengthen our union and organization as well.

With best regard and success.

Yours Sincerely

Tusar Datta Majumdar