January 12, 2016

Generous Contribution to Chennai Flood Victims


You all know that our climatic condition is changing in an alarming way. During summer heat is beyond 2 – 4 degree Celsius more than normal. During rainy season some parts are getting more rain water and some parts are under drought. At present, winter is running but the biting of cold is not there in our country. More over during middle of November and last part of December 2015 abnormal and devastating rain water destabilized the normal life of our southern state of Tamilnadu for about a week. On 15th & 16th November 246.5mm rain poured in Chennai it self. On 1st December also heavy rain dropped in Chennai and all over Tamilnadu. As per Govt. total 347 deaths have been reported and 18 lakhs people were home less in addition to that Rs. 50000 cores property damaged. The Hindu daily news paper after starting its publication since 1878 closed its publication on 3rd December due to flood water in Chennai. In last 100 years such type of devastating rain water / flood, Tamilnadu people had never seen. Our Chennai office i.e CMDA tower’s ground floor was covered with 4’ rain water. State and Central Govt. offices were remain closed for 3 days from 2nd December. People were under starvation and blocked in to 1st floor and above. Telephone exchanges/ mobile towers, Power transformer/distribution systems were under water and roads were transformed in to river after 1st December. It was a horrible condition.


Global warming, effect of ELNINO and pollution is responsible for causing such abnormal climate changes. World leaders discussed the matter on this perspective in Paris (France) for about 7 days recently and arrived to a resolution to reduce the pollution which effects the global warming.

CITU (Center of Indian Trade Unions) central committee appealed to all workers of our country to help generously to the Tamilnadu flood victims. Being an affiliate, we the ONGC Workers’ Union calls our employees to contribute generously though all the ONGCian through out country contributed 1 day salary to the Prime Minister Relief fund from December salary for this noble cause.


The employees of ONGC Tripura Asset all together contributed Rs. 32300/- and we handed over the same amount to CITU fund. The union activists approached to all the individual employee with a sealed thermacol box captioned with “Donation for Tamilnadu flood victims”. CITU Tripura state committee handed over to central fund an amount of Rs. 2.5 lakhs.

ONGC Workers’ Union expressing sincere gratitude and thanks to all the ONGCian of Tripura Asset for their valuable contribution to the flood victims of Tamilnadu.

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  1. TUSAR DATTA MAJUMDAR January 31, 2016 at 6:47 am Reply

    it is an worthy proactive activity of the ongc workers’ union. i am sure union will do such type of help to the distress people. Tusar Datta Majumdar

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