October 13, 2015

Heroic job carried over by the Rig Crews of ONGC Tripura Asset

On 16th August 2015 at E-1400-XIV Rig in Exploratory well ROBD of Tripura Asset, 5” drill pipe stands breaking were in progress in the morning shift at about 8.30 AM.

While 2nd drill pipe stand was being put in the mouse hole for breaking, suddenly, the Travelling block hit the diving board of the monkey board unexpedly, and diving board came crashing to the ground and in this accident, Sri Debdas Chakraborty, Dy.SE (D), who was in the derrick floor near mouse hole for fixing the cat head manila rope, received severe head, shoulder and chest injuries by falling the diving board ( around 80 kgs made up of steel) on his helmet. He was immediately brought to ILS hospital, Agartala which is around 35 Km distance from the drill site. Sri Bapan Debnath ARM (D), Prasanta Karmakar ARM (D), Prasanta Barua JAT (P), D. L Banik Dy Hd Worker (T) all are our ONGC Workers’ Union member, site doctor and Sri Sariram, SE (D) escorted Sri Chakraborty with necessary first aid like pressure bandage, chest pumping and oxygen inhalation by our members etc. The ambulance driver drove the vehicle with all care and reached the hospital with in 45 min time though the road conditions of approach road were tough. Union Secretary informed immediately by the Rig crews and as per his advice the escort party rushed to ILS through jam free road. Union secretary informed the accident case to Tripura Asset head of the family and ONGC doctor immediately and requested them to rush to ILS hospital. Before arrival of patient the Union Secretary, ONGC doctor, some senior officials and other union leadership reached the hospital. Executive Director – Asset Manager reached the hospital immediately. The elder brother and son of Debdas Chakraborty called in hospital as other members of his family were in Kolkata. The Doctors of ILS performed scull operation to save the brain clouting with out any delay.

This accident has severely affected the other crew members of the Rig and they were so shocked, that due to nervousness and fear, were not able to resume the normal work after 2 days even.

Due to 2 MT impact of the Traveling block, the center walk (which is cantilever) of the Monkey board got bent. It was necessary to bring down the center walk (stepping board) and sent it to the Mechanical Workshop for necessary repairs before resuming the site work. But the difficulty came when none of the crew members were agreeing to climb up and bring down the monkey board due to nervousness, fear and shock.

On 19th August RIC Sri Abhijit Gupta DGM (D) along with General Secretary ONGC Workers’ Union Sri Tusar Datta Majumdar and his team went to site and had a long discussion with the Rig crews of the accident shift to gear up their moral boost. The Rig crews appraise various issues related with hazardous Drilling operations. Sri Gupta and Datta Majumdar at last tried to boost the courage of the shift crews to get down that damaged walk for repair. After hours of moral boosting, the crew members mastered up their courage and decided to bring down the center walk during their morning shift only. Sri Sayam Gaba, AEE(D), Sri Bapan Debnath ARM(D) and Sri Prasanta Karmakar, ARM(D) climbed to the top to bring down the monkey board, which was done very professionally in just 1 ½ hrs only. It was found in the walk that the pins were bent and all the 4 bolts damaged (1 sheared) and I beam also bent down.

The center walk of the monkey board along with the diving board, which was damaged by the traveling block, has been sent to the DTY ( Drilling Tool Yard) for repairing and necessary NDT checkup on 21st after physical inspection by DGMS on 20th on Rig floor.

Picture of fallen diving board
The condition of stepping board after fall of Diving board

Once again Heroic job carried over by the Rig Crews

E-1400-14 Rigs Center walk of the monkey board along with the Diving board were damaged by the traveling block and sent to Workshop on 21st for repair as advised by OEM BHEL. In the meantime center walk and diving board from E-1400-XI Rig of ONGC Cachar forward base ( Assam) arranged for fixing in 14 Rig but the same could not able to fix because of its welding on all pins and HT bolts.

On 28th August BHEL design engineer inspected the extent of damage and provided procedural guidelines in repairing the same. Considerable precious Rig time has already been lost and hence repair job is to be completed at the earliest time possible. E-1400-14 Rig crew, DTY crews and Mechanical Workshop crew took up the challenge and carried out the repair in extraordinarily minimum time of 30 hours by working till late night and sent the same to Drill Site. Pin and high tension bolts were brought from Rajamundry. Union Secretary and other Union leadership constantly engaged themselves for repairing the same and arranged different materials.

Photos of diving board & repairing team.

Folded condition of diving board after fixing

image008image011image014Now it is the time to fix the center walk of monkey board along with the diving board with monkey board. It is at the height of about 33 meter above ground and climatic condition is not favorable.

Rig crew first discussed and made the plan of fixing the same and conducted safety meeting. Four courageous Rig crews were selected to execute the plan before safety meeting. Safety aspect was also explained thoroughly to them. Usually this type of rig item to be fixed with crane for proper alignment. As no long boom crane was available in our Asset it has been decided to lift this item with travelling block and placed with the help of air winch. Total operation completed within one hour by Rajkishore Debbarma, TM(D), Gautam Das, ARM(D), Bapan Debnath, ARM(D), A. C. Paul, Head worker(Tech) our union members with overall guidance of Sri Sudip Ghosh, CE(D) and Sri Tapash Kr. Mandal, SE(D) and Dhirendra Debnath Driller. BHEL design engineer were also present during repairing & NDT testing of the Stepping board and Diving board including fixing time.

Photo of fixing team

After fixing the Stepping board along with diving board, ED Asset Manager Sri S.C Sony went to site and organized a short meeting with all the Crew members for their courageous successful operations and extended special thanks to the ONGC Workers’ Union for their endeavour. After meeting all the crews along with ED-Asset manager, Acting Head Drilling service Sri Ripu Daman, DGM(D) , Operational Manager Sri Vastava DGM(D), Rig RIC Sri Abhijit Gupta, DGM(D) and Union Secretary Sri Tusar Datta Majumdar approached to Rig floor and the crews resumed the pulling out of Tubing stands.

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  1. My appreciation to Sh Prasanta Sh Bapan and all shift crew for handling the situation very well and Sh Tushar for overall handling the entire crisis. Now we have to become more vigilent in daily operations. I request all my rig crew to do Tool Box meeting and carry JSA daily at the begining of the shift and this should be made a habit to do it religiously. All the best
    V J Pandya
    CDS (onshore)

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