October 25, 2015

Journey for training to IPSHEM,Goa

Journey for training to IPSHEM,Goa

Safety is the state of being “safe”, the condition of being protected against consequences of failure, damage, error, accidents or any other event which could be considered non desirable. This can take the form of being protected from the event or from exposure to something that causes health or economical losses.

• To ensure you or your colleagues are not injured by the work they do.
• To develop a positive health & safety culture, where safe & healthy working becomes second nature to
• To find out how you could manage health and safety better.
• To meet your legal duty to protect the health, environment & safety.
• Can help your business avoid the distress that accidents and ill health cause;
• Can help you avoid the financial costs of accidents & occupational ill health.

A full packaged course of Health, Safety & Environment training program includes the following topics w.e.f 07/09 to 12/09/2015 for ONGC Workers’ Union’s 35 Nos nominees were organized: Subsequently another group of 12 members from Union were attended training on Safety in Drilling program w.e.f 12/10 to 16/10/2015. 70% of the trainees are young and joined in our operations since 2010 to 2015 and never got any training exposures. This HSE and Drilling related training give them valuable inputs which certainly help them in long run but refresher course is require once in a year .

1. Safety & Environment issues in hydrocarbon sector.
2. General Safety Awareness.
3. Emergency Preparedness by Mrs Neelam S Iyer.
4. Global Environmental issues and
5. Environment Legislation by Sri Sitaraman.
6. Waste Management by Sri Ajay Kumar Verma.
7. Fire Hazards & Prevention by Ms. Anu Abraham.
8. First Aid by Dr. Celcio Dias
9. Hands on fire fighting by Mr. J. K. Singh
10. Material handling & electrical safety by Mr. S. K. Sadhani
12. QHSE Awareness by Mr. G. L. Das.
13. Occupational health hazards,Ergonomics, noise, vibration, Nutrition and Diet by Dr. J. S. Waghmare.

Than valedictory function and handing over of certificate of merit by Mrs Neelam S Iyer, DGM (Chem.) as well as the In charge Training on 12th.

We have learnt every minute of all the safety aspects, which r needed at our sites, offices, & also in our day to day life…

Information regarding General safety in our field, Rigs, GCS, & emergency preparations at work places & practical life by Ms. Neelam S Iyer were really needful.

Exclusive fire training program comprises of all the latest fire extinguishing operations along with the big fire fighting installations at fields.

We learnt about the CPR which is very much effective for regaining the heart-beat if lost and many related things in the First Aid class by Dr. Celcio Dias.

Ajay kr Verma (coordinator of the training program) taught us how to manage the wastes of our surroundings to reduce its volume and recycle those wastes up to maximum thro’ simple techniques.

After this training, we are now aware of our Global environment issues…what to do / not to do, to keep our Earth safe for our future generations.


Finally Dr. Waghmare delivered us a very important lesson about the medical aspects of occupational health hazards, gave us the valuable knowledge regarding our diet and its nutritional values.

All the classes were worth full & interesting thro’ the expert lectures, demonstrations, illustrations thro’ both the practical & animation videos, shown by our experienced faculties.

The discipline, timings & hospitality of one of the premiere ONGC training centre, IPSHEM, Goa is really a matter of attraction. The greenery & scenic beauty in the campus is so attractive that within this small span, all of us has built a habit of regular morning,, evening & after dinner walk only to enjoy the environment,, for fresh air,, sea view & glimpses of huge peacocks in early morning & day time & other rare small birds with their twittering in the air which creates a heavenly atmosphere within the campus.


Its a notable fact that the Institute of Petroleum Safety Health & Environment Management ( IPSHEM) ONGC training centre, Goa has taken an effective initiative to maintain the natural green environment within/around the campus in order to preserve the wild-life, specially birds…..the atmosphere which we can also learn & would try to create in our Tripura Asset Campus.

The training was really a beneficial program for the employees. It gave us very serious lessons about hazards and risks we face in our day to day work culture and how we can eliminate or minimize these risks by following safety standards and rules.

The following are major points we learnt from training program.
1. Always follow Safe Operating Procedures (SOP).
2. Never avoid PPEs and allow any body who may be without PPE in Sites .
3. Safety and Tool Box meeting must be done before work starts.
4. Do your work safely and let others do it safer with proper communication.
5. Always read manuals before handling drilling chemicals and don’t spoil the environment.
6. Always try to spread awareness about safety, risks causes and environmental issues.
7. Always report near misses and accidents to the authorise person, doesn’t matter how small, minor or major
it is. Report and note first.
8. Find root cause of every accidents and near misses through analyze the incident.
9. Take care of your occupational health.
10. Preserve environment, animals and birds.
11. Don’t hurry up to do any work on Rig or GCS even bosses pressurize.

Finally… more skilled & refreshed, we, the trainee back to our pavilion, carrying an awesome learn full experience and feelings from this training session at IPSHEM, Goa.

Our Comments: This type of Training on Safety Health Environment is very essential for all the employees of our organization specially the field people. This type of training may be conducted for an individual employee twice a year. Never compare this type of training with amount. Also ONGC Workers’ Union suggests conducting this type of safety training to the workers/ employees along with respective Asset L-IV, L-III, L-2 executives for its best utility.

Following are the some Notable Slogan and know how about health, safety and environment.



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