July 6, 2016




                                                                                      General Secretary

                                                                                    ONGC Workers’Union

          A bilateral meeting between ONGC Recognized Unions and Corporate R&P authority was held on 15th June 2016 in our ONGC Rajamundry Asset on R&P MOU 2004 modification issues. On 15th whole day meeting was convened at Asset conference hall.


                                                          All General Secretaries

On 16th we all the General Secretaries had a schedule visit to Tatipaka Mini Refinery, E-1400-VII Rig i.eKamdhenu than CMT training centre at Narsapur. In Tatipaka refinery we saw the recent devastating pipe line fire area which cost severe damage to property and human lives just in front of main gate. We visualized the process area and fire fighting demo in refinery. All the crew members of Tatipaka refinery welcomed us in a befitting manner and have a group photograph.

CMT training center                                                          Fire drill

          Than we visited Kamdhenu Rig i.e E-1400-VII adjacent to sea shore. The Rig is deployed in a high drift well towards Bay of Bengal. The Rig performances highlighted with slide presentation by Rig In charge and location Manager (D). Performances of the Rig are best in ONGC OnShore area and applauded by everybody. After Kamdhenu visit we all approached to Narsapur CMT training centre. It is an art of ONGC operation and pride of our country towards control of Blow out in upstream oil industies. Many art of technology are there. We visualized gas well fire fighting demo there. It is heart throbbing exercise demonstrated by Mr.SreeHari, DGM (D), In charge CMT and his team members.

Dic of Kamdhenu welcoming Union secretary                                                          Kamdhenu  Rig incharges

          At last I went to EV 2000-1 VFD Rig at BTS # AD well in Bhimavaram area. The rig is deployed in an area where HP-HT (high pressure & high temperature) exists in On Shore to drill 4300 Mtr TVD. The rig is BHEL make with Top drive and iron Rough Neck. Earlier 2 wells were drilled in same premises but abandoned due to high pressure and technical complications. In one well pressure was shooedup to 7000 to 9000 PSI during mud displacement thru tubing’s and well head was BHEL make 10000 PSI. That’s why well was immediately killed and afterwards abandoned. Now present well is designed and planned with 4CP-15000PSI FMC make well head. The bottom hole temperature was 3000+C in earlier well and coming out mud temperature was 90 – 950 C. To drill present well in such an abnormal predicted condition ONGC RajamundryAsset took necessary precautionary steps. The Rig In charge is Mr.KiranKhoda, Dy.SE (D) and average Rig crews’ age profile are around 32 years though staff members are in O&M. The well is one of the toughest challenges to our drilling and production crews. I am very confident that under the leadership of Mr.Kiran our young brigade will certainly overcome the tough challenge of High Pressure and High Temperature. I am also benignly request our ONGC top brasses please do visit one by one after 2500 Mtr. depth till completion of production testing to boost the rig crews in this well.

foam drill

          On 17th I went to Kakinada port to visit our floater Rig Sagar Vijay which is under dry docking. Being an On Shore crew it is really a new light to me. I have full Rig visit in each and every deck. Myself mesmerized to see the 8 NosAnchor, BOP hook ups, the risers and many more equipment’s. But I have a point for our top officials why the Engines’ not been changed under dry docking. The 30 + years old engines are not aquastic enclosures thus huge noise pollution are there in all over the Rig area including residential Bunks. I am sure ONGC Management will certainly consider this issue in coming days for better performances. I have seen the rig crews are so dedicated that they themselves become the part and parcel of dry docking. I am really gleeful to visualize the store of this floater maintained by Mr.JayeshKaria, responsible for this store. He himself designed a program to maintain the stock since 2001. Kudo’s to Mr.Karia.


          I had a dream to visualize the Rajamundry CMT centre as I was erstwhile Central Region RCMT member for consecutive 12 years during 90’s though I am the General Secretary of Recognized Union of Tripura Asset since 1994. I had also dream to see the offshore Rig derrick and living Bunks. This time Rajamundry meeting gave me this opportunity to fulfil my dream.

At last I would like to request our ONGC management to introduce a system as to how all Drilling and Well Service crews may get a chance to have training on CMT at Narsapur, Rajamundry. I am also thankful to our Rajamundry Asset Management and our PEU activists under the leadership of KrishnamRaju and Suresh for their good hospitality and arrangement to visit in different remarkable ONGC art of installations.

Thanks to Rajamundry, Godavari and Greenery.

Group photo

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  1. Thank u dada for publishing such a nice article ” Journey to Rajahmundry Asset”.
    I along with my Team thank u for visiting EV-2000-1 rig even after ur busy schedule.

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