September 27, 2016

Unveiling Ceremony of Saftey Alerts Booklet By DIR. T&FS



On 25th February,2016 ONGC Workers Union organized SAFETY Awareness camp for the crews working  in our operational fields like Drilling, Hydro Fracturing work, Production Testing, Production activities, Transportation and Handling of materials etc. areas. Prominent faculties from Drilling, Well service, Surface, Transport and Asset HSE delivered their lecture with slide presentations. Sri S C Sony ED- Asset Manager and Sri Swadesh Dev Roye, our union president ignited the floral lamp along with other senior officials of Asset before starting the awareness camp. Union secretary in his brief presentation highlighted the union initiatives on safety in our operational fields. Sri Tusar Datta Majumdar has shown his dismay about compliances of safety rules during operations. He briefed about some incidents in our Asset in recent days which can easily be avoided. He requested Management to organize MVT for the workers of secondary workforce and newly recruited employees in our Asset and he described that Safety is Individuals responsibility. Sri Swadesh Dev Roye and Asset Manager loudly appreciated the Union endeavour in this matter and requested union to organise such type of seminar in groupwise rampantly. Asset Manager also appreciated the union concern on safety in each and every meeting may be Asset level or corporate level.

During vote of thanks by Union office secretary Sri Dipayan Debnath extended his sincere thanks to ED- Asset Manager, Union President and other senior officials, faculty members and the participants and announced that Union has decided to publish a pocket hand book on Safety alerts. The books will be distributed among the employees of our Drilling, Production and Well service team and 1000 books will be printed.

On 16th September 2016 during the visit of Director T&FS, Sri Sashi Sanker,Union requested him to unveil the book in auditorium at evening. The book has been unveiled by Director T&FS and ED-Asset Manager after felicitation program in auditorium. Huge gathering from union members and executives and their family members were there during unveiling ceremony. Director T&FS appreciated the union initiative and advised to follow the Do and Don’ts in operational activities and Union should keep vigil on it. He also expressed his satisfaction on ONGC Workers’ Union activities, never seen such type of union those who always discussed about enhancement of operations and give suggestion for operational benefits and advised to keep it up.

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